Our Story

We started Mexant Jackets to simplify personalization in fashion industry. We combine years-old bespoke service with today’s technology to make finest quality custom and ready-to-wear clothing accessible to everyone

Based out of California, USA & RAK, United Arab Emirates - We are a group of young, exciting individuals looking to disrupt outerwear industry. We are changing the rules of fashion retail. Our new rules empower customers and give them control over what they choose to wear. We started the bespoke service keeping in mind simple solutions to three problems.


Bespoke has always existed but contrary to fast-fashion, it has never been accessible to all. Our custom leather jackets starting at $350 being as affordable as mass-produced leather jackets is the best solution to bespoke accessibility.


We wanted to make bespoke process as easy and convenient as possible. With Mexant you get a dedicated design consultant to work on your custom project without any charges and final commitment to purchase.


How often do you find a product which you like but there is something you want to change about it. We believe you should never settle for anything almost perfect.


In 2013, we started as an online retail store for leather jackets, with a small division for custom orders. Our retail store majorly targeted comic and movie fans with finest quality leather jackets. Since day one, we didn’t believe in the middlemen theory, and didn’t like the way the fashion industry functioned, with a plethora of middlemen in between the manufacturer and customer. We initiated by being the manufacturer and the retailer of our products, a humble customer-centric brand, making top notch jackets.


In 2016, we shifted our complete focus to bespoke with a simple idea, "Make it easy for people to buy leather jackets of their choice". From there on we went on to adding one outerwear category at a time, and we are not done yet! 

It was this achievement of discovering a need to empower people in their right to choose what apparel they would like, which ignited a spark that led to the transformation of Leo Jackets The small division for custom order that we had, taught us many things. The most amazing discovery was "There is something amazing about wearing a jacket that is specially made for you & Just for you". 

For our ready-to-wear collection, we continued with our same old belief that it starts with the product and ends with the product, everything else is followed. With our design community contributing to ready to wear collection, we aim to offer the widest range of finest quality leather jackets at an affordable price.


In 2017, with the same focus of making custom easy and accessible, we begun focusing on providing the best digital experience for bespoke. We built a team of in-house design consultants to offer a personalized experience from start to scratch. We made developments on our website to offer improved digital experience and we are continuously hungry looking for solution to improve our bespoke experience.

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